Do Slippery Dicks dive into the sand?

P7190015a dicks.jpg

My husband and I both noticed these fish on our first dive yesterday.  They look like intermediate slippery dicks, however the upper stripe is much lighter and they behaved very differently.  Instead of swimming about in small groups, they were solitary and hovered in one spot.  If we approched them too closely they darted into the sand.  You can see the burrow of one in the second photo.

So are they Slippery Dicks that dive into the sand, or some other type of fish? 

Photos were taken in 95-feet of water on concrete rubble and reef balls on a sandy bottom.  Location was the norhern Gulf of Mexico in the Panama City, Florida vicinity.

I've included a photo of the local slippery dicks in the intermediate phase so you can compare.



Yes, I've also seen Slippery Dicks dive into the sand. My friend had a few in his tank that would sleep buried in sand all night.


If we only knew then what we know now

Four years later after a great many discussions we now know these are all Painted wrasse, you can tell by the spot behind the eye. Very similar looking to the Slippery dick intermediate.

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