Juvenile batfish?

2010 10 batfish jaxbch 01.jpg

Came across this little guy today in a tidepool at Jacksonville Beach in northeast FL on the Atlantic coast.

I assume it's a juvenile batfish of some sort. He had a unicorn-like projection that's characteristic of the shortnose batfish in the Reef Fish ID book, though his coloration is markedly different than the specimen in the book. I included the second (terrible quality) photograph with my sweetheart Jim's hand in it to provide scale. I don't have any good profile pictures of him, though I do have a 40-second video from this same aerial point-of-view, and I can email it anyone who's interested.

Can anyone venture a guess about him based on the scant photo info available?

It looks like a longnose

It looks like a longnose batfish (Ogcocephalus corniger).  See a photo at http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=16+2145+2180&aid=2133

Thanks, Carol!

Thanks for the quick ID, Carol! It helped me find the fish in FishBase, and I uploaded my picture and video there, too.

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