My wife bought me the DVD for Christmas.  I got through half the video tutorial -- which I loved -- when I had to shut down.  Now, I can't access the rest of the tutorial.  How do I get back to the tutorial?  I don't want to enter my serial number again, as I am afraid it will use up the number of times I can load the DVD.

Mery Christmas,


Hope this helps Marty

I open my program from a shortcut on my desktop. You cannot access the tutorial once inside the program. The tutorial video and users manual are separate files that are on your computer.

The easiest way I can find them on mine are (I'm assuming you use windows.) Go to the Start menu then All Programs to see a list of all programs on your comp.  Then find ReefNet on the list. if you hover the mouse on it a sub menu with one icon should appear, then hover on that and you get 3 items. One of them is the tutorial video, click on it.

Merry Christmas


I tried it.  It works.  Perfect!  Thank you.  Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year.


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