oahu chub id

chub belted wrasse convict.jpg
gray chub.jpg

Found these chubs while snorkeling in Oahu. Is my ID correct, gray chub and bicolor chub?



Rhoda - yes, based on what I can see in the photos, you are correct - Gray Chub and Bicolor Chub. Telling the Gray from the Lowfin/Brassy, can be a bit difficult.  if you draw a line along the bottom edge of the anal fin, toward the tail, it will either line up along the top fin of the tail (gray) or it will miss the tail fin (lowfin) (it's kind hard to explain :) ).

John Hoover has a great explanation of all of the 4 chub species in Hawaii here -- http://www.hawaiisfishes.com/fish_of_month/past_fom/fom_05_04.htm

And when in doubt you can always report it as unidentified Chub sp.

Christy Semmens



Thanks, Christy especially for the website.  What is also amazing is watching them change color. boy, do they like to play in the surf- Amazing!


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