More Hawaiian Fish


All of these fish were photographed on the Helldiver plane wreck in Maui in 40 - 50 fsw.

Picture 3: I'm thinking either yellowstripe or goldline squirrelfish.  There was more than one of these if that helps.

Picture 5: I'm can't identify the fish with its tail facing the camera in the lower left.

Thanks for the help.

Hawaiian fish ID

Hi there,

The fish in pictures 1 and 2 looks like a juvenile Hawaiian hogfish. The squirrelfish in picture 3 is a spotfin squirrelfish. I am not sure at all about picture 4. Picture 5 has a few cardinalfish (not sure which, maybe Hawaiian Spotted?) on the right and the one on the left just showing it's tail is most likely a Hawaiian gregory.  

Christy Semmens

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