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Despite using the interactive DVD, it seems the more I dive in the Florida Keys, the more questions I have.  In this picture, there seems to be a long dorsal spine.  I looked through all the squirrelfish on the DVD, and I am leaning to longspine squirrelfish.  But, none of those species photos look like mine.  Am I right?  How can I be sure?  If I am wrong, please point out the definitive identifying characteristics.

Sunday, February 6, 2011, Molasses Reef, buoy M1, bottom temperature 73 degrees Fahrenheit, depth 23 feet, Key Largo, Florida.

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The difference is the white tips on the dorsal in a longspine, which it looks like you have here.  The "longspine" doesn't really refer to the length of the rear dorsal, which confused me at first with them.

Thank you

Thank you.  I noticed early on that the markedly long ventral spine had nothing to do with the name of the longjaw squirrelfish.

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