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It is difficult enough to see a scorpionfish under water, but I am completely lost at differentiating among species.  I went to the interactive DVD, but it was not much help.  Can you tell me what species this one is and what makes it distinctive?

Molasses Reef, buoy M1, Sunday, February 6, 2011, 23-feet deep, bottom temperature about 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thank You,


Spotted Scorpionfish

Your second picture is the one that shows the distinction.  The spotted has a black patch with white spots on the top of the pectoral fin.  Usually can't see it unless you spook them, but almost every scorpionfish you see down here is spotted.


Thank you.  I knew it was right to include the photo with the pectoral fin.  Perfect answer.  I am deeply grateful.


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