Spiegel Grove fish IDs

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As I settled on the starboard quarter of the Spiegel Grove an unusual thing happened.  A large fish, in the 15-pound range, maybe 30 yards from me, turned and swam slowly toward me.  It did not stop.  It was never threatening.  It came RIGHT up to me.  It was so close, even at my camera's widest zoom, all I could get was a shot of its head, above photo #1.  I guessed it was a mutton snapper, but after looking at the DVD, I doubt it.  Do you have an opinion of its species?

Photo #2, above, is also of a fish on the deck of the Spiegel Grove.  I know it is a less-than-perfect photo, but the fish was shy and kept swimming behind the rungs of a ladder.  I don't have a clue to the identity of this fish, and I would really appreciate your input.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011, Spiegel Grove, inshore buoy, Key Largo, Florida, depth approximately 90 feet, temperature approximately 66 degrees Fahrenheit, camera Olympus Stylus 600 and Photoshop.

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Mutton Snapper, Butter Hamlet

First one is definitely a Mutton Snapper. Very cool that it was so curious.

Second looks like a Butter Hamlet. Note the black spot near tail and blue lines around eye.

Thank You ... big time

I am so grateful for your help.  I try not to monopolize this forum, but it is very helpful for me to have expert input.  I am learning a great deal, much of it thanks to you. 



Fish ID help off Seven Mile Beach ~ GCI

Hey All,


For two days, I chased this little guy around a coral head right off Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman.  The attached photos are the best I could catch.  The fish darted about so quickly, I feel luckly I got these blury photos.  I have scoured the web looking for an ID for this one with no luck.  Am hoping someone here can help.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Am heading back in May to GCI and Little Cayman.  Am planning to head to the same reef and shoot a bit faster in hope of getting a worthy shot.

Thanks for anyone's help in its ID.

Regards ~ gmo



Fish ID help off Seven Mile Beach ~ GCI

It may be a juvenile yellowtail damselfish. I photographed a couple of adults last week at Secret Harbor, St. Thomas, USVI. Beautiful when the sun lights up the irridescent dots.

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