Juvenile redband parrotfish

unknown -- redband parrotfish, juvenile, 72ppi.jpg

I am pretty sure this is a juvenile redband parrotfish, but I have been wrong so often, I just want to confirm the identification.  If I am mistaken, please point out the identifying characteristics.  I am going mostly by the white saddle just in front of the tail.

March 25, 2011, Snapper Ledge, Key Largo, Florida, 35-feet deep, bottom temperature +/- 76 degrees.

Thank You,


Redband Parrotfish

Yes, I'd say juvenile Redband Parrotfish.


P.S. I live in the Bahamas now, but will be moving to the Keys in a month or so. From some of your earlier posts I think I remember that you dive around Key Largo a bit. I'll be pretty close (Islamorada) so maybe we can do a dive sometime.

Key Largo

I live in Key Largo, MM102, oceanside.  I would enjoy diving with you.  Email me directly at martindick1@yahoo.com, and we can exchange phone numbers.  I am in awe of your marine knowledge, and I am deeply in your debt for your contributions to this forum.


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