Villablanca Shallows, Cozumel


Just got back from a long weekend in Cozumel and am beginning to work my way through all the photos I have taken.  I'm sure this will be the first of several post looking for help in indentifying some fishes.

These pictures were taken at the Villablanca Shallows on 4/14/11 in 20 - 40 fsw. 

The fist three pictures are of the same indivdual and I'm thinking some type of goby, colon goby maybe

The fourth pic, again I'm thinking goby, maybe even the same species at 1-3.

The last pic I'm thinking a juvenile squirrelfish, but I don't know what species.

Thanks for you help



Greenblotch Parrotfish

The fish in the last photo looks like a juvenile Greenblotch Parrotfish. Nice find, they are usually found in deeper water!

Don't know about the others, the fish in photos 1, 2, and 3 also look like a juvenile parrotfish, but no idea which specie.


Thanks Louis.  You're

Thanks Louis.  You're right, it does look like a juvenile greenblotch parrotfish.  Wasn't even looking at parrotfish for this guy since I thought becuase of his coloring it had to be a squirrellfish.

#4, bridled goby?

I could be totally wrong here, but my guess on #4 is bridled goby.  I learned that when looking straight down on one (where you can't see the bridle marking on the snout), you can identify them by seeing pairs of white spots like your photo shows.  Memory trick was to think of those dots like the pairs of bridal party members walking up the isle at a wedding. 


Thanks dmcv, I think you are

Thanks dmcv, I think you are correct.

#1-3) could be something

#1-3) could be something like  a very very young Redband Parrot.

#4 Looks like a Bridled Goby, I agree with dmcv.

#5 Juvi Greenblotch

Thankd livi120. 

Thankd livi120.  Interesting take on #1-3.  I was starting to think it might be a very young parrot fish.

It's a Blue Lip

Image 5 is a blue lip parrotfish female. They are small and don't get much larger than this and usually found is small groups of 3 or 4 in more shallow water.

Images 1 -3 are juvenile (very young) parrotfish, probably redband or stoplight.

If image 4 was taken of a fish on the bottom it is probably a bridled goby but I'm thinking maybe it was on a vertical surface or very shallow. It could possible be a Pearl Blenny.

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