Another Blue Heron Bridge Mystery Fish


Juv sighted at Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida at 10 feet depth.  Possibly Yellowfin Mojarra... Any other ideas?

Juvenile Porgy

Wow, beautiful photo. Your fish looks like a juvenile porgy to me. If I had to guess the specie I'd say Grass Porgy, Calamus actifrons. Check out the Grass Porgy photos at these links:

Yours looks a bit more mottled than those, but perhaps it's displaying resting or feeding colors.

Happy Easter!


Grassy Porgy

Louis is right, that is a Grassy Porgy.

Chiming in with a Grass Porgy experience

It was great to see this Grass Porgy featured here. At the beginning of April, my sweetie Jim & I did a shore dive at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, and just after we submerged, I noticed a small Grass Porgy who was staying close to Jim. The fish circled him, staying just under Jim's chin or in the back, around his tank. Throughout the dive, I periodically did a "Porgy check," and was delighted to see that our new friend stayed with us the entire 70 minutes we were under. I wonder what it thought when we stood up in the sand and walked out of the surf... I hated to leave him!

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