St. Vincent dives

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I have about ten fish and creatures I cannot identify in photos from two St. Vincent dives.  I am trying to identify each using the interactive-DVD search feature.  The closest I could come on this one was perhaps a mutton hamlet, but I doubt it.  I will try to spread out the photos to several sources, so I do not overwhelm this forum.

If you can identify this fish, please tell me what the distinctive features are.

St. Vincent, April 5, 2011, depth 50 feet, bottom temperature 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thank You,


Glasseye Snapper

That's a Glasseye Snapper, one of my favorite fish. I can't pick out one easy identification mark for the Glasseye, but the combination of a red fish, with large eyes, and silvery body bars on back are distinctive. They aren't actually a snapper, but a Bigeye (Priacanthidae). The Glasseye is the only shallow water representative of the bigeye group, which is cool because it allows snorkelers to easily view what looks like a deep water fish.

Also don't hesitate to post the other unidentified fish, this forum has been pretty slow lately.



Thank you

Thank you Louis.  I will post the other photos, after I thoroughly try to identify them myself.

Please email me at, and I will try to make you feel welcome in the Keys.


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