More St. Vincent dives

P4050204, 72ppi.jpg
P4050202, 72ppi.jpg
P4050207, 72ppi.jpg

Three more St. Vincent dive photos.  Are they all the same fish?  What fish is it?  Any particularly distinguishing characteristics?

St. Vincent, April 5, 2011, 51-feet deep, +/- 80-degree bottom temperarture.

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Tabaccofish and Yellowhead Wrasse

The first and third photo feature Tobaccofish. Notice their round, cyllindrical (cigar shaped) and orangish (tabaccoish) color. I think the dark fin borders on the tail are also characteristic of this specie.

The fish in photo two is a Yellowhead Wrasse. The two short squiggly lines coming from behind the eye are usually a good way to distinguish the Yellowhead from other wrasse.

Tabaccofish are in the seabass family, you can see that they are a more robust fish with a large "grouper" mouth. The Yellowhead Wrasse is a typical wrasse, thin and deep with a relatively small mouth.

I'm sending an email soon, been pretty busy packing up.

Thank You

Wow!  You are impressive.

Thank you.

I look forward to your email, but, no hurry, do not make it a chore.


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