Blue Heron Bridge - Goby and Flounder ID

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FL_Blue_Heron_Bridge_AME  14106.jpg


Last week at Blue Heron Bridge had the chance to photograph some new species for me.

As for the Goby I'm still not sure what species it is, I lean towards Spotted but could it be a Colon?

As for the Flounder - eyes close together, no larger than 6 inches = Channel Flounder?

I know you guys will help.

Thanks, Carlos

The rest I'm pretty sure of but corrections are welcome.

Colon Goby and Orangespotted Goby

The first looks like Colon Goby, Coryphopterus dicrus. Here's a link to my photo of a goby that was identified as a Colon Goby by an expert on Coryphopterus gobies. Our fish look pretty similar to me.

I didn't recognize the fish in your second photo at all, but I went through the gobies in Reef Fish and it really looks like an Orangespotted Goby, Nes longus. Nice find!!! Keep a look out for the shrimp that usually accompany them.

Don't know about the flounders. They are pretty though.

Everyone is finding cool things at this bridge, I want to see this place!


Luis, thank you, I can't believe I didn't even consider the Orangespotted Goby. The dashes along the lateral line seem to be "spot" on! This photo was taken by my wife and she says she didn't see any shrimp. But she also says things were so well camouflaged down there that unless it moved or had a prominent eyeball it was overlooked. Here's a list of life we have ID from that dive: Lancer Dragonet, Bandtail Puffer, Bandtail Sea Robin, Sharptail Eel, Lantern Bass, Highhat, Southern Stingray, Two Spot Cardinalfish, Sharpnose Puffer, Sheepshead, Common Octopus 10+, Red tipped Fireworm, Bearded Fireworm, Verigated Urchin, Cushion Sea Star, Banded Coral Shrimp, Arrow Crab, Rough Box Crab, Giant Hermit Crab, Reef Squid and assorted usual suspects all within 50 yards and in less than 16 feet of water.

I can't wait to go back.

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