Barred hamlet and sand diver?

Yes and Yes

Yes and Yes

Trouble with text

I just downloaded new Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  I am having problems with the new Internet Explorer.  It does not allow me to enter text in this forum.  So, you did not get the few lines of text that were supposed to accompany these photos.  Thank you so much for confirming my IDs, even without the supporting text.


Sand diver and Barred hamlet

Sand diver and Barred hamlet both are too much beautiful fishes and I have also collection of these two fishes in my top dissertation writing services office. Many people are tells me that to gift these fishes but these are now part of my life and I can't give anyone.

Stunning photo! Last year we

Stunning photo! Last year we were in Egypt with friends. And we saw a lot of fish. I did research for the best professional dissertations. I study the seas and oceans.

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