REEF Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Survey


The basic kit for all fishwatchers. Contains the REEF underwater slate*, underwater survey paper for use with slate, REEF decal, REEF BCD tag, and information on data entry and survey protocol. A waterproof color ID card is also included in all regions except the Tropical Western Atlantic kit, which contains the waterproof Fish-in-a-Pocket mini-book instead.

Two ID cards (fish and invertebrates) are included in regions where REEF monitors both fishes and invertebrates - California, Pacific Northwest, Northeast US and Canada, and South Atantic States kits.

When ordering, please be sure to indicate what geographic area you want

*REEF has two types of slates - our standard yellow slate and a larger deluxe slate. REEF standard size underwater survey paper fits both types of slates. The deluxe slate is also called the "cold water" slate because it is useful when wearing thick gloves and/or diving in strong current. The deluxe slate includes a lanyard, attached pencil and bolts to secure the underwater paper. Kits contain a yellow slate unless otherwise stated. The deluxe slate costs $10 extra*.

Please note that $20 is the base price; prices vary according to region and slate type.

A quantity discount of $5 off per kit is applied to purchases of 5 or more kits of the same type and region. The discount will be applied upon checkout.


Price: $20.00
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