REEF Fish Survey Forms (Scanforms)


Did you know that your survey data can be entered online? It's faster (weeks vs. months) and requires less resources. Visit

However, we still offer and process paper scanforms. When ordering forms, please be sure to indicate what geographic area you want.

A Note From the REEF Team -- After 14 years of providing scanforms free of charge, due to rising data processing and postage costs and the availability of online data entry, a 0.50 cent charge per scanform was implemented beginning in January 2008. We appreciate your understanding. As always, submitting survey data via the online data entry interface ( is still free and we encourage all of our members to use this convenient service. Surveys entered online are processed more quickly and accurately and help reduce the load on REEF's limited staff and resources. If you have special circumstances or do not have access to the Internet, please contact us at

Price: $0.50
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