Two Key Largo fish

orangespotted filefish, 72ppi.jpg
unknown grunt, 72ppi.jpg

I fairly pretty sure the first photo is of an orangespotted filefish.  I am looking for confirmation.


I thought I knew Key Largo grunts.  If it has a yellow tail, it is a French grunt; if if has a dark tail, it is a bluestriped grunt, and if all its stripes are parallel it is a smallmouth grunt.  But the grunt in this photo has a stripe pattern that looks unusual to me.  The interactive DVD did not help me here.  Can you tell what species this is, and how one can tell.


April 26, 2011, Snapper Ledge (SL-1), Key Largo, Florida, 29-foot depth, bottom temperature 81-degrees Fahrenheit.

You're correct, the first

You're correct, the first picture is of an orangespotted filefish.

I think the second is a white grunt.


Yes to Orangespotted and to White Grunt.

Thank you

White grunt.  Great.  Thank you both.


white grunt

look for the lines on the face.

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