I don't know jack

P5080290, 72ppi.jpg
Unknown jack, 72ppi.jpg

After almost 40 years of diving, I still get excited.  I had an incredible time at Molasses Reef very close to eight huge permits.  Six of them were slowly circling in a very confined space, and I was so close I could almost reach out to touch them.  I feel confident they were permits.  The first photo is from that experience, and I am hoping someone will confirm that it is a permit.

The second photo is of a very friendly jack.  I carefully compared all the jacks on the DVD to my photo.  My first guess was yellow jack, but I have since ruled that out.  I am down to choosing among black jack, crevalle jack and horse-eye jack.  Is it one of these three?  How can I tell?

Both photos are from the same dive -- May 8, 2011, Molasses Reef (buoy M-1), Key Largo, Florida, depth 24 feet, bottom temperature 81-degrees Fahrenheit.

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Permit and Horse-eye Jack

I agree the top photo is a permit, especially since it is displaying the dark patch behind the pectoral fin.

The second photo is a horse-eye jack.

Thank you so much

Thank you very much.


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