Jawfish, Blenny or something else that lives in a "Den"?



This fish has me really stumped. I've seen two of them. Both in about 5-7 feet of water in their little "den's" which makes me think Blenny. I've looked at evey fish in the Reef Set and can't find anything similar except for the Jawfish. But he doesn't really look quite like that either.

St. John, USVI

Thanks in advance.



I think it's a Mottled Jawfish. Unfortunately all the distinguishing markings are on the body not the head. It has small pale spots on the dorsal with 5-6 darker blotches on the bottomof the dorsal. The body has horizontal rows of large pale spots. Very nice find.


Though we can't see the body details, I think it i a Mottled too.

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