One easy, one difficult ... at least for me

P4050134a, 72ppi.jpg
P4050135a, 72ppi.jpg
P5180324a, 72ppi.jpg

I tried my hardest to identify the fish in the first two photos.  I went through Reef Fish page by page.  I didn't try the DVD, because I really did not know how to attack it.  I know neither is the best possible photograph.  The fish is about two-inches long.  Can any of you identify the fish?  How?  St. Vincent, 52 feet, bottom temperature 80 degrees Fahrenheit, April 5, 2011.

I feel certain the bottom photo is a blue angelfish.  I would appreciate it if someone would confirm it, and tell me how to rule out a Townsend angelfish.  Molasses Reef, buoy M3, Key Largo, Florida, May 18, 2011, 24-feet deep, bottom temperature 82-degrees Fahrenheit.

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Yellowhead Wrasse, and Blue Angelfish

I believe the first two pics are juvenile yellowhead wrasse. The third pic is a Blue Angelfish

Thank you

Perfect.  Of all the fishes I looked at in Reef Fish, the only one I wrote down as a possible was yellowhead wrasse.

Thank you so much.


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