REEF Waterproof Identification Cards


Waterproof Identification cards are 6"x9" and contain color images of the most commonly seen fish or invertebrates in each area (56-63 images on each card). Most cards are booklet style, featuring 4 panels of images ($8.00). NE Fish and TEP are non-booklet style cards, and feature 2 panels of images ($5.00). These sturdy cards hold up to handling with wet hands and can also go underwater.


Card Regions:

Northeast US & Canada Fishes

Northeast US & Canada Invertebrates

West Coast Fishes (incl. California and the Pacific Northwest)

California Invertebrates & Algae

Pacific Northwest Invertebrates

Tropical Eastern Pacific Fishes

Hawaii Fishes

South Atlantic States (NC, SC, GA) Fishes

South Atlantic States (NC, SC, GA) Invertebrates & Algae

South Pacific Fishes (incl. Fiji, Tonga, French Polynesia, the Line Islands, and the Cook Islands)

Samoan Archipelago Fishes (sub-region of SOP, incl. American Samoa and Samoa)


Note: the Tropical Western Atlantic Color ID Card was replaced by the Fish-in-a-Pocket

Quantity discount of 15% off available for 15 pieces or more of same card type.

Price: $8.00
Design by Joanne Kidd, development by Ben Weintraub