Sharpnose puffer?

P4050139, flipped, 72ppi.jpg

I am still working on identifications from six weeks ago.  I saw the picture of this fish and immediately thought filefish, but I could not find a match on the DVD.  So, I went page by page through "Reef Fish," and toward the end, I came upon a sharpnose puffer.  Is that what this is?

April 5, 2011, St. Vincent, depth 56 feet, bottom temperature 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thank You,


Sharpnose Puffer

A tough picture to work with, but yes this is a Sharpnose Puffer.

I apologize

I apologize for the lack of quality of the photo.  I did my best in Photoshop, but I did not have much to work with.

Thank you for your identification.


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