Is this a longjaw squirrelfish?

P4050170, 72ppi.jpg

Once again, I apologize for the lack of quality of the photo.  I tried my best in Photoshop, but there is just so much I can do.

I think this is a longjaw squirrelfish because of the distinctive elongated anal spine, but it is much more yellow (much less red) than the samples on the DVD. 

April 5, 2011, St. Vincent, depth 56 feet, bottom temperature 79 degrees, Fahrenheit.

I value your input.

Thank You,

Marty Dick

Longjaw Squirrelfish

Yes Longjaw Squirrelfish

Big help

It might not seem like much to you to make a confirmation of an ID of a relatively common fish, but it is a great help to me, and I am deeply grateful.

Thank You,


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