UnID juvenile pelagic?

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Hello fellow fishgeeks, 

Saw this little guy swimming along in the harbor in Bimini - very mangrove-y harbor. He was hanging very closely with Mauve Jellyfish, which have been inundating the Florida coast the past week or so. The jelly is only about an 1.5" diameter for size reference. The fish was swimming up inside the bell of various jellies and seemed to be almost pushing it along. When we scooped them into a bucket for a closer look the fish began to swim down persistently, which is what makes me think it might be a juvenile pelagic. Has huge pelvic fins and swims rapidly with pectorals. Note the strange tail shape... 

Any ideas are appreciated! I'm stumped!


Man O War fish

Looks like a juvenile Man-of-war Fish, Nomeus gronovii.


Juvenile Pelagic

Not sure what species it is, but a very cool find!!!!!

Yes to Nomeus gronovii

Fin shapes and location seem a match. Yes, I agree with Louis' ID.

Thank you!

Thank you so much! That definitely looks like a match. Yes, very cool find. How exciting! Thanks guys. 

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