Red/Black "Tiger Striped" wrasse/blenny with dark blue head? What is this?


I've looked through the Humann/Deloach Reef Fish book and couldn't find this thing. Sorry about the picture, this fish was fairly small and I only got a quick glance at it. I observed this yesterday while snorkeling on the Atlantic side of Palm Beach near the intercoastal entrance. Thanks for any help.

Saddled Blenny

Hard to tell from this photo, but maybe Saddled Blenny, Malacoctenus triangulatus? There's a picture of an orange one in Reef Fish that looks similar to yours.

I see the picture you are

I see the picture you are talking about -- I think I didn't spot this because in the fish I saw the bands were so distinct and in the one in the book it's a lot softer. Unless someone else has a more definite idea I'd say that you're probably right -- it was acting like a Blenny. Thanks for the help.

Canon Powershot D10

I use a Canon Powershot D10. It's a decent underwater camera but not really for diving (waterproof only to 10m). It's great for snorkeling though, and it's only a little bigger than a regular powershot so it's usable above water too. I took this shot while snorkeling (learning to dive this weekend).

Saddled Blenny

I agree with Louis.  My best guess is it is an oddly colored saddled blenny!  Nice find!

male saddled blenny

Yes, it is the saddled blenny, Malacoctenus triangulatus. Males. especially from the Florida lineage, can get very red when breeding.


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