Juvenile Gag or Scamp

Cute scamp

Generally the "lip prints" on the body mean it's a scamp. Where was this taken?


Erin J. Burge Coastal Carolina University Marine Science

Scamp Photo


The Scamp was positively ID'd by some friends of mine in the Florida FWC.  I've seen a few more recently just a little larger than this one.  This was about 20 miles southwest of Mexico Beach, Florida.  The one I saw today was about 6 miles SW of Mexico Beach.  My husband and I are heavily involved with the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association and we do a lot on surveys on the artificial reefs to support some of our permits and grants.  By thw way, FWC said paw prints equal scamp, lip prints equal Gag.  I knew this specimen looked like a Scamp, I just didn't know if other groupers also looked like this and went through a transition as they got older.


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