Plant or Animal??


Hi Everyone,

 I've seen this lifeform on several occasions in different bays, but always anchored inbetween some rocks (like an anemone) in about 3-6 feet of water that has some wave action. Nothing in the Reef Books looks like this, unless I'm looking in the wrong place again. I don't think it's an anemone, nor a plant or a coral. I'm dying to find out.

Just a snorkeler...

Wish I could help - but see

Wish I could help - but see nothing in my books either that would shed any light.

Janna Nichols

REEF Outreach Coordinator


Any suggestions on where to track it down? It would help if I even knew if it was a plant or animal. I've posted another two pictures.

Just a snorkeler, islandbarb

Where were these taken?

That will help narrow down the options.



St. John, USVI  

St. John, USVI



Branching Anemone - Lebrunia

Mystery solved-brings up another question

Dear awitmer,

Thank you so much.  WOW I'm very suprised that this type of anemone is not listed in the Caribbean Reef Set since it appears to be quite common. Since your ID, I searched for other examples online and found only one other picture of a branching anemone that looked like my samples. That one other picture was also taken in the VI. Perhaps this type is VI specific?

Just a snorkeler, Barb


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