Unknown cave dwelling little fish



I was taking some flash shots into coralhead crevases and didn't know until I got home I got a picture of this little fellow. I've never seen a fish like him.

He was way off center of the lens so is a little blurry. Does anyone know what this is?



Spotcheek Blenny

Looks like you've found a female Spotcheek Blenny, Labrisomus nigricinctus. Nice find!


Wow,  Never would have

Wow,  Never would have guessed that!  There is the spot on the cheek, and the bars from eye to mouth but other than that it looks nothing like picture of the female Spotcheek in the Reef Set.

But then again, It doesn't look anything like any other blenny, so I'll go with Spotcheek.  I sincerely appreciate the guidance.


Just a snorkeler, islandbarb

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