Lionfish in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

P7030068 lionfish, Mica, Carol Cox.jpg
P7040134 Lionfish, Red Sea, Carol Cox.jpg

Last summer there were a handful of lionfish reports in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  This summer many more reports are coming in.  I personnally had my first two sightings over the 4th of July weekend, at two locations in opposite directions.  I have a feeling this fish will be a common sight by next summer.  (I have reported the sightings to and the NSGS).

Programs in México

That's so truth Carol, now the mexican government is working with some organizations  for making programs and activities to captures the lion fish, here is a link  the last weekend I was at Veracruz, and there are starting also with this kind of programs.

Si amas, RESPETA!


The derby will be in the pristine zone of Alacranes Reef, 65miles from mainland (Progreso), Yucatán having 4 days for hunting lionfishes. I will participate and get some information.   Its time to participate,

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