Dead or Alive, Lionfish wanted from Florida waters for testing

In addition to the prior notice that NOAA is looking for lionfish samples from the Northern Gulf of Mexico, the FDA at the Dauphin Island Lab, Alabama, is looking for lionfish samples from Florida waters for two purposes. 

The first is for ciguatera (CTX) testing.  Lionfish in known CTX areas such as the Virgin Islands, are showing some signs of CTX, although there have been no reports of illness from consumption.  But with increased interest in eating lionfish, the FDA wants to make sure it is a safe food source. 

They also want live lionfish to study the treatment of lionfish injuries.  The lab is based in Dauphine Island, AL.

The contact for all this is:


Alison Robertson, Ph.D.

Chemical Hazards Science Branch

Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

1 Iberville Drive,

Dauphin Island, AL 36528

Tel. +1-251-690-3224

Fax +1-251-694-4477




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