Video of student research removing lionfish in Jamaica

Check out some of our students working on lionfish in Jamaica this year.

Lionfish Video

Good, but scary, video.  I hope it doesn't get that bad in the northern Gulf of Mexico where lionfish reports are slowly starting to come in.  It was also nice to see the facemasks that go along with some of the names I've seen on this forum.


Cool Video! I like your short polespears - they look very effective. We shoot a lot of Lionfish in the Bahamas but have nothing to do with them. Recently we've been feeding our Lionfish to Reef and Nurse Sharks in hope they'll develop a taste for them. I'll post a link to some of our video when it finishes uploading.


Go Burge!

Awesome Video!  So glad you posted this :) 

Wish we could have made one of these the year I time!

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