Juvenile Bermuda Chub?

P7150163 Chub.jpg
P7150171 Chub.jpg

This little guy was at the back of our boat when we came up from our dive.  I'm thinking it could be a juvenile Bermuda Chub, but I've never seen one before.  It was photographed in 50 feet of water in the northern Gulf of Mexico, off Mexico Beach, Florida.  It was less than 2" long.  Chubs are pretty rare here, but I do see one on occasion.


Bermuda Chub

Definitely a chub. Smaller chub are often spotted like this and can change to a dull gray overall in a flash. I counted 11 softrays in the dorsal and anal fins so yes, it looks like a Bermuda Chub. (The Yellow Chub has 13-15 dorsal softrays and 12-13 anal softrays.) Nice photos!



Thanks Louis,

I guess I should have tried counting rays, but glad you did it for me.  Thanks for the confirmation and compliment.  You don't know how many shots I took just to get a couple of decent ones because we were bouncing around in the waves.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!

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