Spearing Lionfish - permit required?

It's illegal to spearfish in any Florida inlets, near jetties or piers, etc.  I heard that lionfish can be speared in inlets, near jetties, etc., if a special "stamp" is purchased for your Florida fishing permit.  Can anyone verify this?  Bruce Lyon -  imbvl@aol.com

Permit for Spearing Lionfish

Hi Bruce-

Thanks for posting.  Unfortunately what you heard is not correct, there is no stamp that you can purchase to enable you to spear lionfish in areas where spearfishing is allowed.  In areas where hook and line fishing is allowed, but not spearfishing (such as jetties, piers, etc), divers may legally collect lionfish using hand-nets or slurp guns.  Fortunately, with a little practice, it can be just as easy to collect lionfish using nets as it is with spears!  Visit the REEF store to purchase nets and other lionfish collection supplies such as pucture-proof gloves and collection bags.

Good Luck Lionfish Hunting!


Is it legal to spear lion fish on key largo dive sites?

Ronnie Newman key Largo

Lionfish permit

I heard the same thing and called the FWC and they confirmed it. They did say however that there are task forces out there that help to cull the population of lionfish but I havent found anything yet that would allow you to join them but Im looking and will post when I do.


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