Type of Filefish??

P5230054 - Copy.JPG

Does anyone know what type of Filefish this is?  It was taken back in May, diving the Vandenberg, going down the line in about 20ft. of water.  Water temp was 83.  Thanks!


Maybe not a filefish

I am more an asker than answerer,  but my wife thinks this is not a filefish.  She thinks it is a honeycomb cowfish.  It will be interesting to read a definitive answer.

It is the Unicorn Filefish

It is the Unicorn Filefish Aluterus monoceros.  Interesting sighting!


Thanks!!  I did not take notice to the unicorn filefish in my reef book.  I have seen a bunch of the honeycomb cowfish which are a lot more box shaped, but same type of pattern.  This guy was small and very narrow, and I saw his file up.  This made my day!! =)

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