Fish accompanying Portuguese Man of War

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I've only seen these fish when the Man-o-Wars were plentiful in the near shore waters of Tavernier during the winter, but I can't find them in any of my ID books.  In the one picture there is also a Man-o-war fish nearby to give a good size reference.  Any help would be appreciated.  This is the first time I've posted here, so please forgive if the number of or size of the photos is not correct.

Man-of-War fish

It's a Man-of-War fish (Nomeus gronovii) in the Family Stromateidae.

They can swim unharmed along the tentacles of a man-of-war.

Man-o-war fish

That's right!  They are all man-o-war fish with the exception of the small barred fish.  That is a juvenile of some sort; possibly a juvenile pilot fish.

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