Specific cowfish identification

I'm fairly sure it is a cowfish, but can't pin it down exactly.  Photo from Roatan reef at First Bight.

Sorry about the link instead of photo.  Couldn't figure out how to upload it.


Honeycomb Cowfish

Assuming you're talking about this photo: http://www.vrbo.com/global/siteFrame.aspx?l=40629&k=1

You are right, it's cowfish. (Trunkfish are similar but lack the spines above the eyes.) It's a Honeycomb Cowfish, Acanthostracion polygonius. Look for the polygonal "honeycomb" pattern to confirm ID. 

Thank you

 I really appreciate the prompt reply and the accurate identification.


Louis already told you it is a honeycomb cowfish.  Louis is awesome.  You might want to add an "e" to tunicate.  You have a photo labeled starfish.  We now try to say sea star, because it is not a fish.  But, in your case, I believe it is a basket star, and should be so labeled.

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