Looking for Lionfish


 I am a Chef in Charleston SC and I am looking for a steady stream of Lionfish to purchase from a seafood company to sell in my restaurant.

  I have gotten and sold Lionfish before and many of guests love it my only problem is the 2 guys I have bought from only catch them as a by-catch, one guy gets them as a by-catch from grouper fishing and the other gets them as a by-catch from lobstering( oh  yes he is a Fla Lobsterman and catchs them in his traps, I couldn't beleive it when he texted me a picture). So its kind of hit or  miss with these guys

 I like buying from these licensed guys but like I said they only get them as a by-catch and without any real fishing method for them except diving and spearing for them. I was wondering if anyone on here knew of a licenesed seafood dealer who sells to restaurants?


Brian self proclaimed " Lionfish Whisperer" Sous Chef Fleet Landing,Charleston SC



Key Largo

Fish House Encore in Key Largo, Florida sells them whenever they can get ones large enough.  They, too, get them from lobstermen who get them as bycatch.  They sell a medium-sized lionfish, deep-fried, whole (spines on), as an appetizer for about twenty dollars.  Nice markup.  And, in Key Largo, it is a novelty and there is a steady demand.  I suggest you contact Fish House Encore management and trade ideas.

Marty Dick

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