What is this? saw them in Curacao


can someone tell me what these guys are?


Those look like Boga, Inermia vittata. Bonnetmouths, Emmelichthyops atlanticus, are similar but have two widely seperated dorsal fins and a brown stripe running down the middle of their body.


Louis has it right. Though

Louis has it right. Though the photo is very blue, those cute yellow "noses" are detectable. Bonnetmouths prefer to keep their noses clean! Both species are members of the Bonnetmouth family.

Breaking News - new family designation for Boga and Bonnetmouth

Hi Louis, Deb and all REEF members,

I just recently found out that fish taxonomists have determined that Boga and Bonnetmouth are actually GRUNTS!! How crazy is that. So there is no longer a Bonnetmouth family. I haven't even gotten around to updating the REEF database yet. We will also make an official announcement in the next REEF enewsletter. Your forum post reminded me that needs to be added to the contents.

Christy Semmens, REEF Director of Science


Wow! And they placed them in Haemulon!!! The same genus as French, Bluestriped, White Grunt, etc.

Interesting Fact - Thanks!


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