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Juvenile Lookdown? The black bar above the eye is unique. Anyone know?

Taken in Islamorada, Florida Keys, Sept 2011. Depth less than 20 feet.


It does look like a juvenile Lookdown. Some photos of very young Lookdown show them with long filaments from their fins. Looks your fish outgrew them - or maybe they were torn off.

Check out this photo on FishBase. You can see a faint eyebar:


Very similar body shape and

Very similar body shape and markings but, as you say, the long trailing dorsal filament is obvously missing as are the long ventral? fins. Going out again tomorrow to look for more.

Could it be a Moonfish?

Could it be a Moonfish?

Selene setapinnis

Definitely a moonfish.  We pull them in all the time here in NC in seines and trawls.  Aside from missing the filaments, which could just be a damaged juvenile lookdown, the forehead is a little different from that of a similar sized lookdown.

Lookdown, Selene vomer

Judie Clee! Nice to see you on here! Thanks again for all the help on the old REEF Forum. The reason I patrol this board is I remember how useful the old one was back when I was new to fishwatching.

Darn 'Moonfish' is a common name for half a dozen species, but I assume you're talking about Selene setapinnis. Anyway, I enlarged the photo and got a second dorsal fin count (segmented rays) of 23 and a second anal fin count of 18.

Since setapinnis = D-IX, 21. A-III, 17

and vomer =        D-IX, 23. A-III, 18

I think it's safe to say Carlos' fish is a Lookdown, Selene vomer.



Louis, I can't believe I haven't checked this thread in two years! Thank you for the confirmation!

Anytime I submit a photo where you would need higher definition or pixelation just let me know, I'm shooting these images in RAW on a full frame camera so each image has nearly 25 megapixels. I can really zoom in for detail.

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