Unknown Fish ID

2011-11-05 Dive 6 Benwood maybe Chub 3.JPG

Another fish I couldn't be sure of, I must be rusty.  This was the best of three pictures.  Looks like a Chub but something about it didn't seem

right.  Yeah?  or Nay?  






yr fish

I would agree - a chub.  High fin, low fin, bermuda?   Youir picture is ideal for determining which of these it is.  Check Humann and DeLoach.

In my (limited) experience, these guys usually occur in small groups rather than solo.  Were there more around? 

It would be a good idea to tell where you made the observation. 

maybe Chub

This was at the wreck of the Benwood in Key Largo.  It was 12 days ago on Nov 5th and my other 

pictures don't show any others.  So, to the best of my memory he was a loner.  


Topsail sea-chub

Kyphosus cinerascens

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