Southern sennet?

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I apologize for the terrible photos.  They were much worse before I Photoshopped them.


I did a search on the interactive DVD, and I came up with Southern sennet.  Am I right?


December 1, 2011, Snapper Ledge, buoy SL-1, Key Largo, Florida, depth about 22 feet, bottom temperature 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  I guess the fish to be about 14-inches long.


Thank You,

Marty Dick

Southern Sennet?

Hmm... I think it's impossible to positively ID them from these photos. If I had to guess I would say Southern Sennet.

If you see them again try for another picture where you can see the fins. In the Southern Sennet the start of the dorsal fin is supposed to be directly above the orgin of the pelvic (ventral) fin. While in the Guaguanche the dorsal fin is supposed to be slightly posterior (behind) the pelvic fin orgin.

I've noticed the schools seem to hang out in the same areas so keep your eyes open!


Thank you for narrowing it

Thank you for narrowing it down to two species; I will look for them in the future.


Have you moved to Key Largo?




I lean towards sennets.  I have photographed gaugache on several occasions and even in bad visibility I can usually see an amber stripe down the side of the fish.


Thank you; every hint helps, and it is all knowledge.


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