"Not Reported/Rare in Caribbean" fish sighting in Caribbean

spottail pinfish_7682a.JPG


As I've beewn going through some of my photos, I realized I had this picture of what seems to be, by all definition in the Reef Set, a Spottail Pinfish. Picture was taken at Francis Bay on St. John, USVI. Depth 5 feet, near rocky shoreline on Dec, 12, 2010. Except for counting scales everything else fits the description, the bars, no yellow fins, and dark edge on gill cover. what do you think?

I have some video also.



Silver Porgy

That's a Silver Porgy, Diplodus argenteus. The Silver Porgy is also known to have a dusky edge on the operculum as well as faint body bars. Also, Spottail Pinfish usually have a full saddle (where the spots on each side of the tail join at the top). Nice clear picture.


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