Differentiating between queen and princess parrotfishes

Any hints for distinguishing between princess parrotfish and queen parrotfish, especially while underwater?


Thank You,

Marty Dick

Queen Vs Princess

The Queen has a big smile on her face because she knows she is superior to the Princess.  This is depicted by a band that starts below her mouth and goes up under her eye, looking like a big smile.  The princess has a stripe that goes from the mouth through the eye, but it doesn't look like a smile.  Also, the Princess has a yellow stripe that starts behind her gill plate and goes through her pectoral fin because she knows she is inferior to the queen and is scared of her.  :-)



This is great.  Thank you.  It is more than just your knowledge and your sense of humor.  The combination of the two will not only help me to know how to differentiate between the two, it will help me remember how.

Thank You,


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