Unknown fish seen near St. Thomas USVI - Goby?

20111223_Stranglers Deep Reef_0020.jpg
20111223_Stranglers Deep Reef_0021.jpg


We saw this fish at the sandy bottom edge of a reef at ~65ft near Great St. James, USVI. It is close to a seminole goby or a hovering goby, but I do not think it is either!! Any thoughts?



Hovering dartfish, I think 

Hovering dartfish, I think  (based on Humann and DeLoach, 3rd ed. pg. 284-285).  It's in the "goby" section, so it might could be called a hovering goby.


Ahhh..I see it now! I think you are quite right. My edition of Humann and Deloach (2nd) looked close, but I was throuwn off by the yellow blotch on the caudel fin of the fish in my pictures. However, after googling "hovering dartfish" images I see that there are quite alot of color variations.


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