St. Thomas nudibranch ID

20111226_Cow Rock_0003.jpg
20111226_Cow Rock_0005.jpg

This nudibranch was seen near Cow Rock on the southeast side of St. Thomas on a gravel bottom in ~65ft of water.  I have the Humann and Deloach "Reef Creature ID" book, but I either this nudibranch is a very unusual color variation or it is not in there.   I ruled out gold crowned sea godess because there is no ruffle on the edge of the mantle.  I don't think it is any of the purple spotted, gold lined, black spotted or yellow streaked sea goddesses because of the solid black lines extending to the edge of the mantle in my pictures.  That really only leaves the harlequin sea goddess.  There are some similiarities - the gold lined spots on the back and the lines extending to the edge of the mantle, but I am not convinced. 


Any ideas?

Don't rule out Hyselodoris acriba

Don't rule out the gold crowned sea goddess.  They may come without ruffles in some of their forms  Check out this photo almost identical to yours on the Sea Slug Forum:

You have photographed one of the prettiest sea slugs I believe I have ever seen.  I'm very jealous.

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