Two Key Largo IDs

PICT0073a, 72ppi.jpg
PICT0075a, 72ppi.jpg

I feel comfortable the top photo is a porgy.  Is it a saucereye porgy?  How can I tell?

The bottom photo reminds me of a harlequin bass, but it doesn't look like any in the interactive DVD.  What is it?  What are the distinguishing characteristics?

Molasses Reef, buoy M-14, December 30, 2011, depth 20 feet, bottom temperature 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  The porgy was about seven-inches long; the bottom-photo fish about half that size.

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Knobbed Porgy

Porgies are tough, but I think the top photos is a knobbed porgy.  It is also similar to saucereye porgy, but the anal fin is more pointed like the one on the knobbed porgy.

Thank You

I considered the knobbed porgy, but I had heard of a saucereye porgy and I had not heard of a knobbed porgy, so I went with what I thought the more common one, in my area, was.  You are a great help, and I am deeply grateful.

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Not sure about the Porgy, but the bottom fish is actually a wrasse! A juvenile Puddingwife. Look for the white bars along the back.

And yes I'm in the keys. I moved down to Islamorada! I'm starting school soon, but we should schedule a dive sometime.

Thank you ... again.  I

Thank you ... again.  I should have known puddingwife.  I don't want to give out contact information on line, but I am listed in the phone book, Martin Dick.  Call me, and when it warms up, we can dive together.  Think of Key Largo dive sites that would interest you.

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