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Apologies for the lousey photo but that's perhaps why I'm drawing such a blank on identifying this wee beastie. I can't recall the size but surely even with the features so out of focus this looks like it has to be a pretty easy ID .... but I can find nothing in the guides or on-line. The closest I can come is a transitioning initial to terminal phase Clown Wrasse (Halichoeres maculipinna) - this was actually suggested by an acquaintance on another forum but neither of us can come up with any clinching identification.

Help would be much appreciated - I'm pretty new to this but (as a life-long birder) this new world is really very exciting! And the fact that I might (even with my all too infrequent snorkelling trips) manage to actually help with field surveys is a real bonus.

All the best,


Halichoeres maculpinna

You're right, it is a Clown Wrasse, Halichoeres maculipinna.

The slender body, large visible scales, and bright colors tells you that this is probably a wrasse. The Red stripes across the top of the head easily identify it as an intermediate-stage Clown Wrasse.


Clown Wrasse indeed

Many thanks, Louis.

That was fast! Much appreciated - I'll let my acquaintance on the other forum (GlobalTwitcher.com) know. Think he'll be chuffed that he was on the right track! Now for those gobies and blennies.



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