These littly guys have me stumped



Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.  I haven't been able to put a name on any of these fish. All taken while snorkeling St. John, USVI

St. John, USVI All

Just a snorkeler,



Wow, you are finding some very cool fish! Very nice photographing all those triplefin! Most people just pass over them...

1. Hard to tell from this view, but I think you have Enneactes pectoralis, Redeye Triplefin. The salmon color and darker bars are indictive of what the scientists are tentatively calling E. pectoralis. Only thing that gives me pause is the line heading down from the eye is usually black, not white.

2, 3, 5, 6. All Triplefin. I know they don't look much like the one in Humann's book, but I think they are Enneanectes boehklei.

4. Definitely the most exciting! That giant eye and rounded snout made me think Threadfin at first, but the tail isn't forked so I directed my thoughts toward the drum family. It looks like you've found the rare, and reclusive Reef Croaker. Good thing you got a picture! I don't know their habits, but that large eye and their reclusive reputation makes me think nocturnal. And it looks like your photo was taken during daylight, which would make it an even more exciting find.

7, 8. Some member of Blenniidae for sure. That face and build really look like Hypleurochilus and I think there is a specie in that genus that looks like that. Let me check my references and get back to you.




Hello Louis,

Since I posted, I did stumble on the Reef Croaker information, and thought that, yes, maybe. They hang around in a bit shallower water than the 15 foot level stated in the Reef Set, but I realize the levels are just the most common. These are usually at about 4-6 feet of water. They do hang around in small groups outside their hidding places. They're always there. The pictures were taken late in the day, so perhaps they were getting ready to go out for night feeding.

Some  additional information #6 & 7, he was maybe 1 inch long.  Very small, I almost missed him.

I have one other fish to post also. Coming up.

Just a snorkeler, islandbarb

Hypleurochilus springeri

Alrighty, I think your last two photos show Hypleurochilus springeri, Orangespotted Blenny. The coloring and small size all seem right. Another nice find!

Check out FishBase's photo:


Much appreciation...


Thanks for your help. Seeing big fish is exciting, but I really enjoy looking for and finding the little fish and creatures.  .

Just a snorkeler, islandbarb

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