I stink at sea turtle identification

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I am pathetic at sea-turtle identification.  Based on prefrontal scutes (2, I think), I went for green sea turtle.  But, then it looks like the coastal scutes overlap.  And, I think there are four coastal scutes, but it is a little confusing.  Then I zoomed all the way in on the photos, and I could not find any claws on the forward or rear flippers.

Snorkeling, Grecian Rocks (buoy G3), February 17, 2012, one-to-seven-feet deep.  The turtle (small) was about two feet maximum overall length.

What is the species?  How many prefrontal scutes?  How many coastal scutes?  Where are the claws?  Do the coastal scutes overlap?

Thank You So Very Much,



Go to this web site and print out a copy of this handy Turtle Idenification Key.  It gives you lots of helpful tips on how to ID the different turtles.  http://www.seaturtle.org/documents/ID_sheet.pdf

Thank you

What an instant reply.  Thank you.  And, yes, of course, I copied your link, and I will go there.



hey marty very nice pic, it

hey marty very nice pic, it looks like an Eretmochelis imbricatta (Carey):

if it so is one of the most endanger sea turtles.


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